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20kV Contestable Connection - Green Rigg Windfarm, Nr Hexham, Northumberland


Wind Farm operator EDF Energy Renewables own & operate Green Rigg Wind farm where they export 36MW of power back to the grid. This is via the 19 KM double Cct  20Kv cable route between Green Rigg Wind Farm S/S and Fourstones S/S.

Wootton & Wootton were contracted to install the intermediate straight joints, Outdoor Pole terminations, Switchgear terminations and Sheath testing.

Scope of Works..

To install 228 x 20Kv XLPE 400mm Cu 3M straight Joints.

To install 12 x 20Kv XLPE 400mm Cu Tyco Outdoor terminations.

To install 12 x 20Kv XLPE 400mm Cu Tyco indoor Terminations.

Successfully DC sheath test cable upon completion.


With challenging conditions in some areas of the works and the bleakness of hard Northumberland winters, the works were successfully completed on time & budget.



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