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33kV AIS to GIS Project - Ironbridge, Shropshire

Western Power Distribution (WPD) decided to build a new switch house and replace the existing 33kV outdoor oil circuit breakers and air insulated isolators at Ironbridge BSP for GIS circuit breakers. The works required the re-routing of 13 feeders, 3 Grid Transformers and two temporary connections to maintain the network while works were undertaken.

The works were successfully completed on time & budget ahead of schedule.


• To excavate all track required, joint holes & areas of mass excavation as necessary.
• To provide standby supervision as required to carry out work in the AIS compound
• To install all new cables – 400mm2 XLPE & 630mm2 XLPE
• To install cable management at each transformer position
• To reinstate all excavations to match the existing
• To install 18 x 33kV 630mm Outdoor terminations
• To install 45 x 33kV Euromold terminations
• To install 15 x 33kV Euromold surge arrestors
• To install 27 x 33kV Size 3 630mm Pfisterer terminations
• To install 6 x 33kV Size 3 Pfisterer breech joints
• To install 9 x 33kV 400mm Straight Joints
• To install 24 x 33kV Transitional Straight Joints



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