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33kV Gas Generation Site - Manchester

Wootton & Wootton undertook works to install all 33kV cables, 33kV jointing and testing for the installation of 7 Transformers and the DNO connections on a new Gas Generation Site in Manachester.

Works were carried out for a new client to their high standards and satisfaction.

  • Prove, Clean & Rope Ducts
  • Install 1100m of 33kV 240mm Al XLPE comprising 7 individual Transformer circuits
  • Install 3 x 33kV 400mm XLPE Al cables between customer switchgear & DNO switchroom
  • Supply & Install 2 x sets 400mm 33kV sixe 3 Pfisterer inner cone plug in terminations
  • Supply & Install 1 x set 400mm 33kV Euromold Separable Connectors
  • Install 3 x 33kV Pre-Made VT LEads
  • Supply & Instal 14 x 240mm 33kV Euromold separable connectors
  • Supply & Install cabale management systems
  • Design, manufacture & install switchgear vermin plates
  • Carry out all sheath testing, insulation resistance tests and final pressure testing
  • Seal all ducts on completion


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