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132kV Cable Repair - Dehiwala to Pannipitiya, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ceylon Electricity Board identified a faulty phase on one of their critical 132kV circuits leaving part of the network vulnerable and on single circuit security. Following the location of the fault, Wootton & Wootton were contracted to provide technical assistance, procure all materials, export to Sri Lanka, install 2 x 170kV Tyco 3 piece Joints and assist with final pressure testing.

This was the first Underground cable jointing carried out at 132kV for 13 years, since the cable was installed and drew quite an audience during installation. The extremes in temperature and humidity were minimised by full joint bay containment and air conditioning.

The faulted cable was removed and new was installed in the short section . The existing and new cable was OLEX 1000mm2, sourced by the client to match the existing system. The local 132kV system is incredibly built with 11mm thick ducting walls, nearly 2m deep and 13mm sheath on the cable. This made maneouvreability difficult but did reduce the likeihood of man made sheath faults along the system.

All procurement, export and installation was achieved ahead of the programme, on budget and was successfully tested.

Scope of Work

Specify & supply suitable 132kV joint for new & exisiting cable (Tyco 170kV 3 piece joint)

Export materials to Sri Lanka

Provide labour for installation including the temporary import of all necessary tools & equipment

Assist with final pressure testing

Provide technical advice & assistance through development & delivery





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