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132kV Data Centre Connection, East London

Wootton & Wootton were contracted to complete 132kV jointing, terminating and link boxes for a new data centre being built near Dagenham, East London. In addition, we procured all of the jointing materials including the materials handling to minimise the storage and waste requirements onsite for our client.

The works were successfully completed on time & budget.


  • Supply, storage and handling of 66 x 132kV Tyco 3-piece joints, 6 x 132kV PHVS GIS Tyco terminations, 6 x 132kV OHVT cable sealing ends.
  • To install 66 x 132kV Tyco EHVS 3 piece joints
  • To install 6 x 132kV Tyco PHVS GIS terminations
  • To install 6 x 132kV Tyco OHVT cable sealing ends
  • Installation of associated link boxes
  • All cable sheath testing
  • Final end to end sheath testing


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