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Ferrybridge ‘A’ 66KV AIS Substation Rebuild - Ferrybridge Power Station, West Yorkshire


Northern powergrid (NPg) have decided to rebuild the existing AIS S/S on spare land adjacent to the existing site due to the existing assets decaying and reaching the end of their design life.

Wootton & Wootton were contracted to install all 66KV Straight joints, terminations, sealing ends & VLF pressure testing associated with transferring existing Ccts over to the new S/S .

Scope of Works.

To install 13 x sets of 66 KV 3M Outdoor terminations.

To install 4 x sets of 66 KV Tyco straight joints.

To install 2 x sets of 66 KV ABB APED self-supporting sealing ends.

To construct 1 x 66Kv CSE structure.

To supply and install 3 x 132kv post insulators and associated buss bars and clamps.

Successfully DC sheath test all associated cables

Carryout all associated 66KV AC VLF pressure tests upon completion.

We completed all of the intermediate and outage works well within timescales and on budget.



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