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132/33kV Reinforcement Project - Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Western Power Distribution (WPD) has recognised the increasing load at Shrewsbury GSP and it is predicted to exceed its n-1 firm capacity of 117MVA by the end of DR5. Therefore they are installing a third 132/33kV transformer, auxiliary transformer and associated apparatus to accommodate the growth

Wootton & Wootton were contracted to provide a turnkey package for the project management, excavation & reinstatement, installation of 132 & 33kV cables.  This included the installation of temporary work platforms, all terminations and cable sealing ends, Sheath testing and 132kV pressure testing upon completion

The works were successfully completed on budget and ahead of schedule.

Scope of Works.

To excavate backfill & reinstate 240m of track to accommodate 132 & 33Kv cables

Installation of 3 x direct laid (160m) 132kV 400mm Cu, XLPE, Pb sheath, CWS, & MDPE outer sheath Cables between the new GT4 and the new S/S structures within the AIS compound

Installation of 9 x (45m) 33kV 630mm Cu XLPE CWS Cables between the new GT4 and the existing switchgear

Installation of   3 x (30m) 33kV 630mm Cu XLPE CWS Cables between the new GT4 and the Auxillary transformer

Installation of 1 x (15m) 33kV 630mm Cu XLPE CWS Cables between the new GT4 Auxiliary transformer to the LNER

To install 6 x 132kV Prysmian sealing ends

To install 6 x link boxes including bonding lead installation and connections

To install 16 x 630mm 33Kv 400 series Euromold terminations onto the 132/33Kv transformer and associated auxiliary transformer

To supply & install 1 x 33Kv Outdoor termination onto the LNER

To supply & install scaffold structures at each 132kV CSE position

To drill all transformer gland plates and supply & install all cable management & cleating requirements

Carry out Pressure test, Tan Delta test and Partial Discharge mapping of the 132kV cable system upon completion

To supply full time project management and monitored security system for the duration of the project, authorised standby supervision where required, verify cable system design and supply the client with as laid drawings and appropriate handover paperwork.







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